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How to attract new customers on Facebook

Digital MarketingHow to attract new customers on Facebook

Do you run a local business but don’t know how to attract new customers? Find out how to find them on Facebook and what are the benefits of this social media for Buy Facebook likes Singapore.

With the rise of other social media, ever more numerous and engaging, many entrepreneurs and freelancers are wondering if Facebook is still a valid tool for finding customers online . The answer remains, even today, absolutely yes. Buy Facebook likes Singapore In fact, almost 3 billion users in the world use Meta’s social network and, within national borders, it is about one in two Italians who frequent the platform practically daily.

Obviously, however, creating a professional profile from Facebook is not enough for the platform to turn into a generator of leads, sales and earnings. The reality is that it is increasingly difficult to get noticed on its pages , attract the interest of users and get results with social media marketing on FB.

To be able to improve visibility, brand awareness, useful leads and conversions, it is essential to devise and plan a precise and complete digital strategy , which exploits the mechanisms and functions of the platform to your advantage, to make real lead generation on Facebook and obtain visible results.

How to find customers on FB?

Becoming part of FB users is more than simple, but transforming social media into an asset for your business requires specific skills, a detailed knowledge of its features and a medium-term marketing plan that defines the objectives, the resources to invest. and the tactics to use to get new leads from the platform.

What are the key elements to focus on to find new customers on Facebook?

An editorial plan with a clear goal

The first step to emerge from the crowd of companies and brands present on social media is to publish content that is studied, qualitatively impeccable and complete with the most captivating elements for the audience you want to intrigue. The tone of voice, the visual choices, the type of communication and the message to be conveyed must necessarily be in line with the rest of the marketing strategy adopted, in order to create continuity with the other channels that are active.

It should also be clear that the goal of FB posts or campaigns is to stimulate a latent demand in the audience. That is to intercept users while they are busy scrolling through the platform’s feed looking mainly for entertainment or information, piquing their curiosity up to to convince them to dedicate part of their time to the post or even follow the proposed call to action.

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Facebook and Instagram!

Those who enter Facebook do not want to be bombarded by commercial communications and classic invasive advertisements. But they need to be accompanied on an exciting journey , which pushes them to approach the company, interact with it and, finally, leave their contacts by joining. of its useful and potentially convertible leads. In short, the main purpose of every FB editorial plan should be to generate value for the target users accompanying. Them only consequently towards the release of their contact details.

Vanity metrics? Better to focus on the results

Everyone does it, private and corporate accounts. When they publish something on Facebook, they often come back to check the number of likes and comments. That users have left under the posts. As significant as these values ​​may be. They do not indicate the actual performance of a post from a lead generation perspective. In fact, they are also called ” vanity metrics ” or vanity metrics, precisely to signify. Their nature of pure nourishment for the ego of those who publish.

The purpose of a company or a professional. That faces the social network is not to have likes. But to increase customers with Facebook , converting users into useful prospects. Or paying customers with increasing ease. The number of likes and followers is therefore only significant. When accompanied and supported by a good percentage of real conversions.

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How to take advantage of platform advertising

One of the most appreciated aspects of Facebook is the ability to create Facebook Ads with high conversion power . The advertising platform of this social network exploits. In fact, an in-depth knowledge of the public. A collection of specific information about the tastes, preferences, interactions and purchasing behaviors of its users.

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Making promotional campaigns on Facebook is therefore an excellent way to acquire new contacts perfectly. In target with your business and therefore easily transformed into customers of the brand. FB advertising is obviously not free and also requires a considerable amount of skills. Creating high-performance FB Ads is a task that requires specific skills. Experience in the field and which is therefore preferable to delegate to real professionals of the trade. In order to avoid wasting budgets in unprofitable campaigns.

Only through professional strategic evaluations. It is possible to learn the tricks for advertising on Facebook. That make each ad a true source of new leads and potential customers to be pampered. Guided in a compelling customer journey, towards the final conversion.

In conclusion, Facebook still ranks among the best platforms to find new customers, both thanks to its large catchment area and thanks to the precise and meticulous segmentation it makes of its patrons.

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