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Exploring the Best Fishing Spots In Inazuma

NewsExploring the Best Fishing Spots In Inazuma

In addition to captivating players with its magnificent landscapes and deep narrative, Inazuma, the exciting region in the universe of Genshin Impact, also provides excellent fishing opportunities. Inazuma has several high fishing places worth investigating, regardless of whether you are an experienced trawler or a beginner adventurer wishing to cast your line. In this essay, we’ll look closely at some of the fashionable fishing areas in Inazuma and the unusual catch you may expect to discover there.

1. Introduction

Inazuma, a country ruled by the Raiden Shogun, is renowned for its diverse topography, which includes lush forests and roaring waterfalls. Inazuma provides players with a fantastic fishing experience and its witching decor. Inazuma’s fishing offers a peaceful and engaging activity that lets you unwind while benefiting from your natural talent.

2. Fishing in Inazuma: An Overview

Fishing in Inazuma follows a similar mechanic to other fishing locations in Genshin Impact. You can obtain fishing rods, bait, and tackle to catch various fish species in the region’s waters. Each fishing spot in Inazuma presents different challenges and opportunities, making it an exciting endeavor for players.

3. Best Fishing Spots in Inazuma

Narukami Island

Narukami Island, the central hub of Inazuma, offers various fishing spots along its coastline and rivers. Look for serene areas near the shore or the riverside for the best chance of catching diverse fish species.


Kannazuka, located in northeastern Inazuma, provides abundant fishing opportunities in its lakes and ponds. Take your time exploring the tranquil waters of Kannazuka to discover hidden fishing spots teeming with unique fish.

Yashiori Island

Yashiori Island is known for its mystical aura and captivating landscapes. The island’s shores and rocky outcrops present ideal fishing locations. Venture to the island’s coastal areas and cast your line for a chance to reel in rare and exotic fish species.


Tatarasuna, in the southwestern part of Inazuma, is a coastal region with sandy beaches and picturesque views. Its crystal-clear waters offer excellent visibility for spotting fish. Explore the bays and inlets of Tatarasuna to find prime fishing spots.

Seirai Island

Seirai Island, a secluded and mysterious location in Inazuma, provides a serene setting for fishing enthusiasts. Its rugged cliffs and hidden coves hold untold secrets and abundant fish. Seek out these secluded spots for a tranquil fishing experience.

4. Notable Fish Species in Inazuma

Several rare fish species specific to the area can be found only in Inazuma. The following are some noteworthy catch predictions for Inazuma fishing:

Raimei Angelfish

The Raimei Angelfish is a stunning fish species known for its vibrant colors and graceful movements. Anglers highly seek it for its beauty. Various fishing spots across Inazuma contain it.

Golden Koi

The Golden Koi is a prized fish species known for its golden scales and shimmering appearance. It is often found in tranquil ponds and lakes in Inazuma, adding a touch of elegance to any fishing expedition.

Lightning Prismfish

The Lightning Prismfish is a unique species that exhibits a mesmerizing electrical glow. It can be found in areas with solid electro energy, making it a fascinating catch for adventurous anglers.

Amakumo Rainbow Trout

The Amakumo Rainbow Trout is a rare and elusive fish species found in the rivers and waterfalls of Inazuma. Its vibrant rainbow colors make it a prized catch among fishing enthusiasts.


The Stormeye is a legendary fish species that is said to possess the power of storms. Anglers can find this elusive creature only in Inazuma’s most challenging and treacherous fishing spots.

5. Fishing Techniques and Tips

To maximize your success in fishing, consider the following techniques and tips:

Bait Selection

Different fish species in Inazuma have specific preferences when it comes to bait. Experiment with various bait types to attract other fish species, such as fruit, insects, or artificial lures. Pay attention to the information provided in the game to determine the most effective bait for your target catch.

Casting Techniques

Mastering your casting technique is crucial for accurate and effective fishing. Practice timing your casts and adjusting the distance to reach the desired fishing spot. Remember to aim for areas where fish will likely gather, such as near rocks, vegetation, or underwater structures.

Time of Day and Weather

The time of day and weather conditions can impact fish behavior in Inazuma. Some fish species may be more active during specific hours or weather patterns. Experiment with fishing during different times of the day and in various weather conditions to increase your chances of success.

Using Elemental Skills and Abilities

Certain characters in Genshin Impact possess elemental skills and abilities that can aid in fishing. For example, using Electro abilities near bodies of water in Inazuma can temporarily electrify the water, stunning fish and making them easier to catch. Explore the unique skills of your characters to enhance your fishing experience.

6. Fishing Quests and Rewards

Inazuma offers various fishing-related quests that provide additional rewards and opportunities to engage in the region’s fishing activities. Keep an eye out for fishing quests and NPCs who may offer valuable hints, tips, and rewards related to fishing.

7. Conclusion

For Genshin Impact players, fishing in Inazuma offers a fun and engaging experience. The area is perfect for individuals looking for a relaxing and rewarding fishing excursion because of its many varied fishing places, distinctive fish species, and serene surroundings. Take your fishing rod, tour Inazuma’s breathtaking landscapes, and find the hidden gems in its waters.

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